ANZAC BISCUITS: Australia’s favourite crunchy rolled oat biscuits. These traditional biscuits with coconut and golden syrup date from World War I, baked to support the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) in their war efforts. Today, they are still a much-loved classic, and so simple to bake.

EASTER CUPCAKE RECIPE: Need an easy Easter Cupcake idea? How about cupcakes decorated with “grass” and “soil” with Easter Eggs nested on top? This recipe uses a chocolate chip cupcake base with chocolate buttercream frosting. The “grass” sprinkled on top is made by tinting coconut green and the “soil” is crushed chocolate biscuits. Finish with a few candy Easter Eggs and you’ll have a sweet treat for little and big kids over the Easter Holiday.

CARROT CAKE RECIPE: This is the most popular cake on the site and one I’ve baked time and time again. This Best Ever Carrot Cake recipe with cream cheese frosting is perfect for cake stalls, birthdays, bake days and study sessions. It’s seriously the easiest and most fool proof cake ever if you follow the recipe. Since so many of you have tried it, the tip section below is very comprehensive. Great for those that need help or have questions. Share the carrot cake love. It’s got vegetables in it, so it’s good for you. Ahem.

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