Ingredient: icing sugar

Recipes with icing sugar as an ingredient

No-bake Lemon Coconut Slice

February 26, 2012
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Easy no-bake zingy Lemon Coconut Squares. Super quick, sweet and easy to whip up in a pinch.

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Mum’s Easy Chocolate Cake

January 10, 2012
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EASIEST Chocolate Cake to literally throw together. Everything goes in one bowl, then you walk away and make a cup of tea while the electric beaters whip the magic into to cake for you.

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Hummingbird Cake with Creamcheese Frosting

June 29, 2011
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Inside lies a banana and pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting. And Chuck Norris’ face on a pineapple. You’ve been warned.

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Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

November 24, 2010
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Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes: a light vanilla sponge cake over fresh strawberries, with cream cheese frosting and a sprinkling of crushed biscuits.

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Homemade Mint Patties

November 17, 2010
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How to make your own mint patties: mint fondant covered in chocolate.

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Chocolate Mint Velvet Cake

November 1, 2010
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Choc mint cake with addictive creamy mint frosting. Infused with real peppermint tea leaves.

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Sweet Friands with Strawberry Jam

September 20, 2010
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Buttery vanilla friand recipe with jam. A rich sweet almond meal cake recipe from Bourke St Bakery.

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How To Make Macarons: A Workshop With Adriano Zumbo

August 29, 2010
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How to make perfect macarons: a workshop with Pastry Chef Adriano Zumbo.

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Slice

August 25, 2010
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Sweet no-bake peanut butter and chocolate slice.

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Earl Grey Cupcakes with Marmalade Glaze

August 3, 2010
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Ward off the winter loogies with tea and Vitamin C: fluffy Earl Grey tea cupcakes with a sweet orange citrus glaze.

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