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Mother's Day Ideas 2017

Do you need some Mother’s Day ideas? Mother’s Day is a time for honouring and thanking those who have helped raise us into the great people we are today. A day of relaxation and indulgence is usually in order. And what’s more indulgent than cake? An afternoon tea is a wonderful idea to spoil the Mums in your life. Below I’ve collected my favourite baking recipes you could make for Mother’s Day. Best of all, our recipes at The Cake Mistress are simple, so anyone can bake along with great results.

An afternoon tea is a wonderful idea to spoil the Mums in your life. Below we’ve collected our Top 10 Mother’s Day baking recipes you could make for Mother’s Day. Best of all, our recipes at The Cake Mistress are simple, so anyone can bake along with great results.


The Red Velvet Cupcake is a top choice to bake for Mother’s Day. They’re such a sweet red-tinted cake with a light chocolate and vanilla flavour. Jazz them up with quaint cupcake cases and a sprinkling of love hearts over swirls of cream cheese frosting.

Recipe here: Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe


If your Mum is a chocoholic we have the perfect cake for her. This fudgy chocolate cake has dark chocolate melted into the batter, almond meal for a fudgy texture, and a topping of rich shiny chocolate ganache.

Recipe here: Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe


The classic hummingbird cake is a light feathery option for Mother’s Day baking. It’s a mix of a banana cake and pineapple cake with pecan nuts throughout. The layers have a smooth cream cheese frosting to join the cake together. Serve with a cup of tea or coffee.

Recipe here: Hummingbird Cake Recipe


How about an old-fashioned classic cake for Mother’s Day? A Lumberjack Cake is a very moist, almost “pudding” like cake stuffed with apples and dates. A caramelised coconut topping is baked onto the cake for a deeper flavour and texture. This cake always disappears fast around afternoon tea guests.

Recipe here: Lumberjack Cake Recipe


It’s hard to go past a great banana cake recipe. This sweet banana cake is always welcome at the afternoon tea table. There’s the option of a single-layer of banana cake, one layer with cream cheese frosting, or the full indulgent experience of two layers of banana cake sandwiched with cream cheese frosting.

Recipe here: Banana Cake Recipe


This rich Chocolate Brownie recipe is one for the chocoholic and sweet-toothed Mums. You only need one bowl to mix these traditional american brownies. Impress your Mum with brownies that are gooey and indulgent.

Recipe here: American Chocolate Brownie Recipe


The humble Carrot Cake is a crowd-pleaser. If you need a simple and fast cake to bake for Mother’s Day, this is the one. It’s a one bowl ‘mix and bake’ recipe that needs no electric beaters and little baking skill to achieve a tasty result. Top with a generous slathering of cream cheese frosting.

Recipe here: Carrot Cake Recipe


We’re not forgetting our Gluten Free and Coeliac Mums out there. Here is our favourite Gluten Free cake recipe, the moist Orange Cake. It’s made with two whole fresh oranges processed to a pulp, and almond meal, and smells heavenly. Your spoon will effortlessly carve through the crumb while the first mouthful dissolves away on the tongue. Finish with a dust of icing sugar.

Recipe here: Gluten Free Orange Cake Recipe


Scones are an afternoon tea staple and a great idea to bake for Mother’s Day. These Easy Date & Lemon scones need just one bowl to mix and minutes to prepare. Once baked, you’ll have superb, soft, crumbly and flavoursome scones that melt in your mouth. Serve these beauties warm and slathered with rich cream and your Mum’s favourite flavour of jam. Pure heaven.

Recipe here: Easy Date & Lemon Scone Recipe


Here is a super adorable Frosted Sugar Cookie recipe from celebrity cake queen Peggy Porschen. You can use any cookie cutter shape you have at hand to make these. Heart-shaped cookie cutters would be perfect for Mother’s Day. Tint the royal icing hues of red and pink or your Mum’s favourite colour to decorate. Add candy hearts or sweet sprinkles to finish.

Recipe here: Frosted Sugar Cookie Recipe

Hope you’ve found something delicious on our Mother’s Day list. For even more ideas, browse our entire recipe index for the perfect treat. 

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