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Hello! Welcome to The Cake Mistress, your new favourite site for sweet baking recipes. We value classic, elegant and timeless baking recipes that are reliable and, most importantly, delicious.

We bake and taste every recipe shared, and only publish the ones that our friends and family loved. It’s all about quality over quantity here, especially since we know readers like you bake our recipes for special occasions, events and loved ones.

You won’t find any silly food trends or click-bait recipes aiming for views and traffic here. Just the good stuff that we hope you share because it’s amazing.

Because baking techniques are hard to communicate in writing, we started filming tutorials for all of our recipes in 2017. We want you to succeed!

I hope these recipes encourage you to bake more often from scratch and help you become a better baker.

The Cake Mistress – Emma

Some of our best recipes are:

The Cake Mistress is proud to be an Australian website now based in Perth (formerly Melbourne).

The Cake Mistress is also proud of that one time she ate a family block of chocolate as a three-year-old, despite her Mother’s warnings. It made her feel vile afterwards, but her status as an insatiable sweet tooth was cemented that day. She’s sorry about her Mum’s carpet.



The Cake Mistress is on all the usual Social Media platforms except Snapchat. I’ll leave that one for “the youths”.

You might also find me in real life down at the shops in the baking aisle with flour on my shirt and in my hair.

 emma @ thecakemistress.com