by | Aug 17, 2017


This is a pretty weird hobby, food blogging.

Baking something beautiful, painstakingly documenting the process for posterity, then virtually destroying what you created (although the eating part isn’t so bad, really).

Where on earth did this come from?

Well, I found my answer.

Digging through old family photos while home for the holidays, I came across pictures from our birthdays when we were much younger.

Mum had made all our cakes. All of them beautiful. All of them photographed.

I remember each of these birthdays. Before the big day, Mum would hand us kids the Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book.

I remember agonising over each glossy page. Which cake do I want this year? The princess? The ballerina? The butterfly?

It would have been so fiddly and time consuming to put together, but whichever cake we chose, Mum would recreate.

My seventh birthday was my last Birthday Cake Book creation. From here, I graduated to parties with my school friends featuring the gelatinous ice cream cake from Macca’s Kids Birthdays and then the gelatinous goop served at the dessert bar at Sizzler. But I got such cake envy looking at the wonderful cakes Mum continued to make for my younger Brother and Sister.

I think all these cakes are amazing. Thanks Mum! Love ya  xx