Homemade Mint Patties

November 17, 2010

Homemade Mint Patties

Mint Patties rank highly in my list of favourite childhood sweets. When we were good, we were allowed to pick any lolly from the supermarket shelf. Although the crazy amount of sweets to choose from would be enough to make a kid’s head explode, the shiny emerald green wrapper of the mint pattie would always catch my eye. Concealed in the foil is a flat round disk of sugary peppermint marshmallow fondant coated in dark chocolate, which totally outranked its lesser cousin – the Golden Rough coconutty abomination.

Tasting them again as an adult, they didn’t seem to be the same as the Mint Patties I remember as a kid. The insides are a little rubbery now, and perhaps my adult tastes can no longer stand the compound chocolate on the outside. But my dismay turned to joy when I found a recipe for Mint Patties in Frankie’s Sweet Treats recipe book.

The delicious minty insides in the recipe is simply a mix of icing sugar, condensed milk and peppermint essence. Just melt a little of your favourite quality dark chocolate, paint a generous amount on the top (or dunk the whole thing in the bowl of molten cocoa-liciousness) and voila! Mint pattie time!

When you think about it, mint patties are really just after-dinner mints on steroids. Some sophisticated adults are satisfied consuming one micro thin square of mint covered in a sliver of dark chocolate after their fancy grown-up dinner parties; these patties are for the rest of us :)

What was your favourite sweet as a child?

Homemade Mint Patties

Makes 24 – 30 mint patties

You Will Need:
1/2 can (200g) Sweetened Condensed Milk
1/2 tablespoon of Peppermint Extract or 1 tablespoon of essence
4 cups Icing Sugar Mixture
100g Quality dark chocolate, chopped (I used 50% cocoa). Use 200g if you want to coat both sides of the patty.
2-3 drops Green food colouring


Mix condensed milk, mint and food colouring in a large bowl. Beat in the icing sugar a little at a time on slow speed using electric beaters. After a while, you will need to hand kneed the mixture as it will get quite tough.

Tip the dough out onto a bench and keep kneading together to form a smooth ball.

On a sheet of baking paper, roll out the dough to around 3-5 mm thick and cut 4cm wide circles using a round cookie cutter or a drinking glass. Lift the rounds off the sheet and transfer to a baking tray lined with a fresh sheet of baking paper. If the weather is really warm where you are, you might need to refrigerate the patties for 1 hour. Once all the dough has been used, heat the chocolate in the microwave in 30 second bursts, stirring well each time, until the chocolate has melted. Paint the chocolate on the top side only, using a silicon pastry brush or small spatula.

Leave to set, then store at room temperature if it’s cool, or in the fridge if the temperature is warm. If you wanted to dress them up a little, I spotted some cute patterned foil sheets in the confectionary aisle of a craft shop.

  • GourmetGetaways

    What a great idea for a Christmas Treat! Yummy! I will have to get the kids to help me make this next time they want to cook, it looks nice and easy.

  • Choclette

    Lovely photo, make me want to take a bight right now and I haven;t had breakfast yet. Brings back memories of childhood for me too. I used to make peppermint creams half dipped in chocolate for Christmas every year.

  • http://butterheartssugar.blogspot.com [email protected]

    Ooo yummy! I agree with you about the golden rough, they’re not in the same league.

  • http://www.diaryofamadhausfrau.com/ Lora

    I love peppermint patties! Thanks for this. It could be dangerously good in my house.

  • http://www.holdthebeef.com Conor @ Hold the Beef

    I really like Mint Patties and I am sure that this is a good recipe and you did a fabulous job and everything but I was so blinded by indignation at reading your baseless accusations of the Golden Rough that I couldn’t really continue reading on. Hmph. How dare you.

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    How clever! I loved mint patties as a child too. They were the right size for a child too! :D

  • Anonymous

    Team Pattie all the way. I suppose I could look past your coconut trangressions. Just.
    I tried making Golden rough as a kid; it certainly was rough. Note to 10yr old self- white sugar is NOT an ok substitute for icing sugar. I reckon that tainted my experience for life.

  • shaz

    Yay! I love the colour of the patties, and I discovered Mint Patties when I first got here over 12 years ago, it was love at first bite :) Hubby prefers those abominations thought, LOL!

    Might try to make some star shaped ones fro Christmas, thanks for sharing.

  • http://applesundermybed.blogspot.com Heidi – Apples Under My Bed

    You had fabulous taste as a child :) Seeing these made me so excited! I loved any type of chocolate as a child. I remember always getting a ‘Roses’ chocolate box from my nana after each ballet concert :) I just loved those.
    Question: do you find peppermint essence works ok? as I have found that many essences don’t have a v good flavour, almond in particular! I have been looking for almond extract and peppermint extract but can’t find them in regular supermarkets.
    Heidi xo

  • http://bubbleandsweet.blogspot.com/ Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet

    Yum that condensed milk based fondant looks so simple and delcious. I bet they are way better than mint patties, must admit most of the treats I loved as a child taste simply awful now, although my kids adore them.

  • Scandifoodie

    I love everything minty, especially mint with chocolate!

  • Gastronomygal

    Fab fab fab fab recipe!! I loved mint patties when I was a child but have suffered the same feeling as you- I think they are different now too! Great idea.. I’ll make a batch of these this weekend!

  • http://www.michelle-chin.com Michelle Chin

    I didn’t grow up with much sweets, unfortunately. :(

  • msihua

    Oh wow! I don’t think I’ve ever had a mint pattie.. but I would love to try one since I love mint!!

  • Anonymous

    Great idea! They’re super-easy for the little ones to help out in the kitchen.

  • Anonymous

    Great minds think alike ;)
    Slightly terrified of all the flavours I spotted at Cake Deco. The combos are endless, help!

  • Anonymous

    Oh gosh, same here for the Roses chocolates. i’d always go straight for the mint and strawberry creams and leave the nut ones for Mum :)
    I found peppermint essence worked really well here. I also don’t like artificial flavours in my baking, espcially almond and orange esssence. I saw a bottle of almond extract in the baking aisle of Spotlight a few days ago, so that might be a source to try. Not sure if you’re in the city often, but Cake Deco has a massive range of flavours oils too. Best of luck!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Charlie! Oh no, they’ve replaced my favourite green foil with plastic? Boo to them.
    I reckon it would work without an electric beater. With a bit of muscles you could work in the icing sugar a little at a time, and then when it gets too hard just tip it onto a bench and knead it in. It’s pretty sugar intensive, but I got a massive yield with 4 cups, so I’d halve it easily. Probably safer not to have 30 mint patties at arms reach anyhoo ;)
    I’m keen to whip up another batch with a new flavour, so I’ll give the manual prep a go and tweet you if it works or is too much hard work :)

  • http://www.ieatthereforeiam.blogspot.com Ieatblog

    I know what you mean by how things seem to taste better when we were young. Maybe it’s because they use better ingredients back then, or merely that we remember more fondly, who knows. But if you can make your own and make it taste better, problem solved.

  • Cakelaw

    Yummo! I used to (and still do!) love Mint Patties. These look great. I have the Frankie sweets book, and the musk sticks are in my sights.

  • http://applesundermybed.blogspot.com Heidi – Apples Under My Bed

    Wonderful, thank you, Emma! I will look at Cake Deco next time I’m in the city. I’m still so in love with these mint patties each time I see them :)
    p.s. yes, the strawberry ones were the best!

  • http://astickyaffair.blogspot.com/ Sheena

    As a kid, nothing could ever beat the kinder surprise! Though it was more due to the toy inside rather than the actual chocolate. And these mint patties looks lovely, I love anything with chocolate and mint.

  • http://www.donutstodelirium.com Heavenly Housewife

    What a spectacular job you’ve done. THis would definitely be a great holiday treat. I love trying to recreate my favorite goodies at home.
    Wishing you a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.
    *kisses* HH

  • http://figjamandlimecordial.com/ Celia

    Yum! I love the pale green hue!

  • http://livininthekitchen.wordpress.com/ Jess

    Gosh, so pretty and it sounds really simple! I’ve got to try this!
    Jess : )

  • Emily

    So I have made this recipe twice now, and have some feedback. NO WAY can you make half a can of condensed milk incorporate four cups of icing sugar! Two cups, two and a half max unless you want to be trying to knead crumbs. The other thing – use pure icing sugar, not that ‘icing mixture’ stuff. Icing mixture has a stiffener in it (cornflour, usually) which makes it even harder to knead, and it dries it out really fast too, making it hard to roll out. I found the rolling out didn’t work so well either – the dough stuck fast to the baking paper. In the end I pinched off bits of the dough and hand-formed it into little flat discs.

    Other than that… nice! Dipped in 70% Lindt these taste grand!

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